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First predictor run of 2017

Nine hardy souls turned up on Thursday 26th for our latest Predictor Run. It was a freezing cold night with temperatures below zero. Some club members didn't venture out that night, but one was spotted heading home with a very tasty blue cheese and a bottle of wine to share with his wife, and fellow runner, in front of an open fire. Can you guess who that may have been??
Robbie Kelly was first to finish in 28.47, and was also closest to his predicted time, being 43 secs below his prediction. Robbie was obviously not running flat out as he did a loop around town, including Lombard's Wynd, to warm down. Julia Snape ran much better than she expected, and finished 2mins 18 secs below her prediction.
For those whose competitive streak kicks in on these events, Rebecca Simpson's time of 27.19 is still the time to beat.
Our next run will take place on Thurs Feb. 23rd; just come along to the clubhouse at 6.30 to register.