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ETU long distance European Duathlon Championships Copenhagen

Carol bikeLast month Dave and I had the honour of competing in the GBR age group team for the ETU long distance European Duathlon Championships in Copenhagen. Over a very hot weekend we recced the bike course, attended registration, bike checks and team briefings, before rising early on Sunday morning for the big day.
The course was an absolute cracker, starting on the banks of the river, heading on two x 5k run loops through beautiful parkland for the first run section, before heading out Carol runalong the fast dual carriage way (closed roads) and then a bike path along the coast. The dual carriage ways were bliss, allowing for a speedy push once out of the wind, and although somewhat nerve wracking, the narrow bike paths (and a cheeky cattle grid) along the coast kept the spirits high with the spectacular scenery.
After negotiating the slightly chaotic transition area, we headed back out for two further laps of the run course. Overall we covered 10k Murraysrun, 60 k bike, and 10k run. I finished in 3.36:41, with split paces of 7’50min/mi for run 1, 20mph bike, and 8’17min/mi for run 2. I might have dawdled a bit in transition though!!!
I finished 13th in my Age Group, Dave 39th (out of 21 and 99 respectively). My training times running up to the event had been a little lack lustre, so I was very pleased with my effort, and given the standard of competition, with my overall placing too. It just confirms my suspicions that I just can’t pull my finger out without a little bit of race adrenaline !
The weekend was made complete by having the kids there to cheer us on too! Go Murrays!!