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limbpowerLearn to Run Workshop

On Sunday 13th January 2013 Niall Cheyne and I went to Sport City in Manchester to attend an England Athletics Talent ID day for disability athletics. As part of the day a workshop was organised by Limbpower, a charity which supports physically disabled athletes.

During the workshop we had the opportunity to work with Coaches and Disabled Athletes to discuss some of the issues facing athletes with amputated limbs. We spent time observing athletes and discussing possible coaching interventions to help them improve their running. We worked with some of the athletes to find alternative drills and exercises which would allow an athlete with an amputee to join in with our club sessions.

We both really enjoyed the day. We learned a lot and now feel much more confident in being able to adapt our coaching to be more inclusive. The workshop emphasised how vital it is for coaches to know the athletes they are coaching, disabled or no-disabled. We learned that through discussion and a little bit of thought, activities can be adapted to meet the needs of a wider range of runners.

Thanks to all the staff from Limbpower and to Shelley Holroyd from England Athletics for organising the workshop.



Jess Young